Island of Death

What the reviews say: “You have to hand it to Greek director Nico Mastorakis: in a lengthy interview included on the DVD version of his 1975 exploitation classic "Island of Death," he blatantly admits that he created this movie in order to make money. After viewing "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in Europe, Mastorakis knew he could create something comparable to the upsetting images he saw on the screen. Shortly after this event, he sat down and wrote the script for "Island of Death," intentionally imbuing it with the most shocking and nauseating of situations. The difference between Mastorakis and the majority of exploitation directors is that this Greek knows how to direct a film. "The Island of Death" is not so much a gritty movie as it is a series of striking contrasts captured beautifully on film. Don't get me wrong; it is sure to deliver a few jolts to even the most hardened of horror fans, with its over the top sadism and blasé attitude about violence”.

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