Film makers, documentary producers, television directors,
advertising executives know well how hard it is to find special
stock footage for their productions, when it comes to demanding
scripts. While city scape and countryside shots are common, where
do you find a car in a corkscrew stunt over a spectacular explosion; a helicopter dogfight over the Moab desert; a scalpel slicing through a woman’s chest; a soldier doing a high fall amidst fire and debris; magical dusk aerials of Los Angeles or Mykonos? Omega has it all and they’re all shot in 35mm and transferred in 16:9 or 4:3 to Digital Beta.

For your demanding stock footage needs, ask us. An e-mail to omegap@aol.com is more than enough to get you instant results.



  • Surgical procedure
  • Scalpels, oxygen mask on woman, woman comes to.
  • Woman chloroformed
  • Surgical pencil on woman’s bare chest
  • Similar shot, different woman
  • Laser surgical procedure
  • Laser hole on scalp
  • Various shots of taxi in the streets of European city (D/N)
  • Various shots of models in bathing suits during filming
  • in plush hotel lobby.
  • Aerials of the Intercontinental Hotel, Athens.
  • Wide shot of Hydra island port, Greece.
  • Helicopter dogfight over the Archies ( Moab, Utah)
  • Black helicopter explodes
  • Close ups of missiles being fired
  • Cars get hit by missiles and explode
  • Car hits another car, corkscrews in mid-air over explo and crashes.
  • Men in helmets and fireproof suits torch cars with flame throwers.
  • Black van explodes (night)
  • Black van is being peppered with bullets and explodes.
  • Deserted early morning street, small desert town
  • Various details of the same street
  • Semi being peppered by bullets
  • Various semi-automatic weapons, fired (D/N)
  • Semi pushed into lake by paramilitary group of men
  • Men on horses being shot, fall
  • Small town main street being laden with corpses
  • Police car cruising slowly through empty streets of small town
  • Middle aged man shot, bleeds green blood in slo-mo
  • Men with flame throwers in old drive in being shot at and shooting
  • Paramilitary uniformed men, shooting and being shot, fall
  • Makeshift bridge burns over waterfalls
  • Man in high dive from burning bridge into waterfall
  • Car chase through streets of Indian town
  • Train through Indian countryside
  • Man falls and crashes into plush banquet table
  • Men on horses, gallop (night) attacking palace
  • Swashbuckling between Indian soldiers
  • Wide shot of Indian bazaar (N)
  • Wide shot of Indian palace (D/N)
  • Exotic beauties in bikinis, one topless, swim in interior pond, Indian palace.
  • Fireworks
  • Black helicopter with soldiers on skids
  • Same but with firing automatics from soldiers
  • Soldier high fall from clock tower, explosion follows
  • Huge explosion / army barracks / soldiers running from it
  • Exterior shots of Greek island ( Corfu)
  • Car speeds through island streets, comes to screeching halt, men get out, shoot man in balcony of old house, man high fall from balcony.
  • Stalactite caverns, various shots of soldiers firing and being fired at Soldier high fall from rock against stalactite cavern background
  • Woman in castle alley being peppered with bullets from black chopper
  • Various high falls
  • Soldier is shot and tumbles down steps
  • A two helicopter chase over Los Angeles
  • Three choppers take off from grassy park area
  • Old prop plane being loaded
  • Old prop plane (silvery) in various flight shots
  • Men freefalling from prop plane
  • Red Ferrari driving fast
  • Aerial night shots of downtown L.A.
  • Police cars chase white Mercedes SL
  • Cherry red 57 Chevy BelAir being chased by van in downtown L.A. streets
  • Chevy drives insanely in tunnel against oncoming cars
  • Nightmare sequences, a woman is being strangled in plush shower room
  • Muscle Beach, Venice, CA
  • Helicopter lands on mansion porch (N)
  • Helicopter takes off from mansion porch (N)
  • Prop plane, banner
  • Huge Malibu mansion shots, pool with bikini beauties
  • Pink remote chopper take off, land, chase through mansion
  • Black ninja beats villains in posh mansion
  • Man in white suit falls on long white wood staircase with beach background
  • Girls in Jacuzzi, topless
  • Thugs shooting pistols, automatics
  • Pool, men get hurt by gunfire
  • Car explosions