How Can You Buy 100 movies
for the price of 10?

There's suspense, classic horror, adventure, comedy, westerns and cartoons in some 300 titles we have collected. There's a minimum of 25 masters at one purchase and the complete list is available at a click. We will, of course, consider packaging such valuable material with our own "Drive In Theatre" concept so that you can put these movies in good use: Combined with an intelligent and great looking local hostess to introduce them and make commentary, they can become a "cult" type of a show, running seven nights a week. The "Drive In Theatre" package consists of 3-D openers (which can be adapted to any language), Ultimate backgrounds, script, music and guidelines - a one stop shop to higher ratings and lower cost.
  Would you ever buy 100 movies for $ 100,000? It may sound like fiction but it is real - it's called PD. These are movies with expired copyright that some smart lawyer forgot to renew and therefore the movie itself has been since classified as "public domain". We have tracked down the most important of those movies and we have managed to obtain some of the best one-inch masters in the business. We're not only talking B&W classics, but also features with stars like Cheryl Ladd, Anthony Perkins, Danny De Vitto, Robert Vaughn, Ursula Anders, Richard Dreyfuss, William Shatner, Peter Cushing and many, many more. Ideal as non-prime "fillers", PD pictures are used by smaller TV stations at night or early mornings and by pay / satellite services in their non-prime slots. And because there are no rights to buy, you only buy the master (in Betacam or Digital Beta) and the movie is yours for video, DVD and TV - forever.

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